Landed: A yogi’s memoir in pieces & poses, Vine Leaves Press, October 15, 2024

In 2011, when American-born Jennifer Lang and her French husband uproot their teenagers from New York and follow their firstborn to Israel, she vows to make peace with the place. But the first five years challenge her with missiles, sirens, and stabbings, the sixth with monumental midlife questions. Is she warrior enough to live there? If her kids leave the country, would she stay? As she distances herself from her husband’s Sabbath-observant lifestyle she’d agreed to early in marriage, slowly reclaiming her identity, and as she continues to teach yoga, eventually embracing it as her spiritual practice, the unexpected happens: year seven. The year she finds the answers she’s been looking for and understands the true meaning of home. Written in experimental chapterettes, Landed: A yogi’s memoir in pieces & poses spans seven years, each punctuated with chakra wisdom from nationally-acclaimed Rodney Yee, her first teacher.


Landed: A yogi’s memoir in pieces & poses showcases a complicated woman navigating complicated times, searching, and ultimately finding herself as a woman, a mother, a wife, an expat, and a yogi. This book is a journey of geography … and of marriage — the complications and compromises told in mini chapters: vignettes of her life and decisions. As a yogi aficionado, I was fascinated by Lang’s tale as she gives, takes, questions, and answers through poses, shining her light and love on those relationships closest to us, and most importantly the one we create with ourselves. 

– Lisa Barr, New York Times bestselling author of Woman On Fire