Crack, micro-chapbook, Ghost City Press, 2022
In Crack, Jennifer Lang wrestles with her family’s recent relocation to Israel. Comprised of nine shorts, this experimental micro-chapbook weaves between poetry & prose, the ordinary & the extraordinary. Order the digital book at; all donations go directly to the author, who will donate half of the proceeds to Tuesday’s Children for families who have been forever changed by terrorism, military conflict or mass violence.

Places We Left Behind: a memoir-in-shorts, Vine Leaves Press, 2023
When American-born Jennifer falls in love with French-born Philippe during the First Intifada in Israel, she understands their relationship isn’t perfect. Both 23, both Jewish, they’re very different: she’s a secular tourist, he’s an observant immigrant. Determined to make it work, they spend the next 20 years rooting and uprooting their growing family, each in search of a place where they feel whole and home. In Places We Left Behind, Jennifer puts her marriage under a microscope, examining commitment and compromise, faith and family while moving between prose and poetry, playing with language and form, daring the reader to read between the lines.

Landed: a yogi’s memoir in pieces & poses, Vine Leaves Press, 2024
American-born Jennifer Lang traces her seven-year journey—both on and off the yoga mat—reckoning with her adopted country, inherited religion, midlife hormones, and imminent empty nest. During the first five years, she’s emotionally volatile, besieged by missiles, sirens, and stabbings. She resents how their daily lives are dominated by the Jewish calendar, how their household is controlled by her husband’s Sabbath-observant practices. Year six, she crumbles. Her eldest moves to California. Her younger two contemplate studying abroad. Should she stay or go? As she distances herself from her spouse’s Modern-Orthodox lifestyle and as she teaches yoga, Jennifer reconnects with the woman she once was. Then, year seven, she understands the words her yoga teachers had been offering for the past two decades: root down into the ground, stay true to yourself. Finally, after decades of moving across coasts, countries, and continents, she understands home is more about who you are than where you live.