Dare-Push-Play on the Page 

with Jennifer Lang

Sunday, February 5, 2023 10:00 – 13:00


“I hear the word “experimental” and reach for my revolver. I don’t consider myself an experimental writer because experimental writing is about the experiment, and that doesn’t interest me.” —Steve Erickson

In this workshop, we’re going to do what we’ve never done before: shake up our prose. We’re going to use our Israeli-inspired chutzpa to dare, to push, to play until we see new lightbulbs and sense interesting shifts. We’ll read hybrids and hermit-crab essays to help us loosen up and become more nimble-minded on the page.

This is a generative workshop. Open to all genres, all levels. 

Details:  420nis if you register by January 10 and 480nis subsequently; includes light snacks and refreshments.

American-French-Israeli hybrid, Jennifer Lang writes. Her first book Places We Left Behind: a memoir-in-shorts will be published in September 2023 and her second, Landed: a yogi’s memoir in pieces & poses, in October 2024 (Vine Leaves Press). Her prize-winning essays have appeared in Midway Journal, Baltimore Review, Under the Sun, Ascent, and on Brevity’s and NPR’s podcasts, among others. She has an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and serves as Assistant Editor for Brevity. Findable at https://www.facebook.com/israelwriterstudio/.

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