Stories & essays

“Head, Heart, Belly,” Coachella Review, 2024

“Child’s Play,” Consequence Forum, 2024

“Fast walking with a friend through the parking lot of Kfar Nachman Cemetery in Raanana, Israel,” Journal of Expressive Writing, 2024

“Pluck,” ELJ Editions, 2024

“The Muddled Emotions of a Demented Man” and “Boxed in,” SugarSugarSalt, 2023

“Boys: A Backlog,” Bending Genres, 2023

“Hand in hand,” from Places We Left Behind: a memoir-in-miniature, nominated for Pushcart Prize, 2023

“On Common Ground” and audio excerpt, Glassworks Magazine, 2023

“Other in Israel: Eight Definitions,” Fiction International Refugee issue, 2023

“Home… is not nowhere,” long-listed in The Sunlight Press Essay Contest, 2022

“The Land With Promise,” “Tweezers,” and “So,” Doubleback Review, 2022

“Right to Return,” Barren Magazine, 2022

Simple Question, Compressed–A Journal of Creative Arts, 2021

“Crossroads: neither here nor there,” Finalist in Chestnut Review Prose Chapbook competition, 2021

“In Front of the Full-Length Mirror,” Bacopa Literary Review, 2021

“The Perks of Imperfection” and “Slow Dance,” Quarter After Eight, 2021

“Suspended Animation,” Consequence Forum, 2021

“The G-Word” and “The Language of Longing,” Ruminate, 2021

“Ricochet,” The Citron Review, 2021

“Crack,” (mac)ro(mic), 2021

“Une tête américaine,” Stonecoast Review, 2021

Amen, Nominated for Best of Net anthology, Sunlight Press, 2021 and Finalist in Exposition Review’s Flash 405 themed contest, 2020

“Repeat the Enchanting,” First Place flash contest winner and nominated for Pushcart Prize, Midway Journal, 2020

“Ascension,” Bending Genres, 2020

“Sounds Like,” The Gravity of The Thing, 2020

“Between Them,” The Maine Review, 2020

“Obsolete,” Atticus Review, 2020

Uprooted, First Place contest winner, Baltimore Review, 2019

Topography of a Tongue, Runner-up in themed contest, Headway, 2019

Seven Definitions of Secret [See-krit], nominated for Pushcart Prize, Negative Capabilities Press, 2019

“Une tête américaine,” long-listed for Lunch Ticket’s Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction, 2019

“Oxeye Daisy,” CHEAP POP, 2019

“90 Seconds to Shelter: If an air raid siren didn’t sound and I didn’t have to run for cover then I would,” Bacopa Literary Review, 2019

“Illusion of Harmony,” Barren Magazine, 2019

“Neither Here Nor There, Finalist in New Millennium Writings Monthly Muse on Home, 2018

Fifty Days of Summer, 2014, nominated for Pushcart Prize, Ascent, 2018

“The Fabric of Peace,” Finalist in Crab Orchard Review’s 2017 John Guyon Literary Nonfiction Prize, 2018

The World Fell at our Feet, Miracle Monocle, 2018

A Wondering Jew, The New Haven Review, 2018

“Here,” Under the Gum Tree, 2018

No Going Back, 1966 Journal, 2018

Hiraeth, “The Land With Promise, and “Tweezers, The Tishman Review, 2018

Circles and Words, The Sunlight Press, 2018

Muddled Emotions of a Demented Man, Pithead Chapel, 2018

Father, Son, Gravel, 2018

Time’s Up, Manifest Station, 2018

Collateral Beauty, Citron 10: Celebrating 10 Years of the Short Form, The Citron Review, 2019/2017

December 13, 2007, past-ten, 2017

“Visiting My Ultra-Orthodox Brother, a World Apart, The Forward, 2017

So, Thread, 2017

Belongings, SFWP Quarterly, 2017

My Brother’s Face, Full Grown People, 2017

“Sealed, The Coachella Review, 2017

“An Analphabetic Story of Consonants,, 2017

In Between Dreams, Iron Horse Review blog on State of the Union, 2017

When Worlds Collide: Writers Exploring Their Personal Narrative in Context, Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies, 2017

Boxed In, The Citron Review, 2016

Gas Masks and Wedding Vows,” Hippocampus Magazine, 2016

“Things Lost, Things Found,” nominated for Pushcart Prize and Best American Essays, Under the Sun, 2016