Interviews and Book Reviews

A Review of Brahna Yassky’s Slow Dancing with Fire, Brevity blog, 2022
A Review of American Seoul: A Memoir by Helena Rho, Brevity blog, 2022
A Review of Knocked Down: A High-Risk Memoir by Aileen Weintraub, Brevity blog, 2022
A Review Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops: A Memoir by Allison Hong Merrill, Brevity blog, 2021
Disparates by Patrick Madden, The Rupture, 2020
Interview with Jennifer Lang, Gila Green Writes blog, 2019
Interview with Julie Zuckerman, author of The Book of Jeremiah, LitPub, 2019
Finding Love and Faith in Unexpected Places: A review of A Country Between by Stephanie Saldana, The Tishman Review, 2017
Interview with Sarah Shotland for Proximity’s blog, 2017

On writing 

“Memoir of my marriage: Finding the One [Version, Revision, Iteration, Incarnation] that Finally Worked,” Brevity blog, 2022
Changing the Rejection Narrative,” Brevity blog, 2021
“On Waiting, Watching, and Writing about Family,” Brevity blog, 2020
“Writers Near and Far: Shared Prompts and Tic-Tac-Toe Boxes,” Brevity blog, 2020
“When a Nonfiction Writer Ventures into Fictional Territory,” Brevity blog, 2019
“Where Worlds Collide – Writing and Yoga,” Hippocampus Magazine, 2019
“The Curse of The Good Jewish Daughter or Why I Wish I Knew How to Write Fiction,” Brevity blog, 2018
“Treading Uncomfortably in Social Media,” Brevity blog, 2018
“End-of-Year Submission Tally,” She Writes blog, 2018
“Writer as Sculptor,” Brevity blog, 2017
“Dear Mr. Zinsser,” The Flexible Persona blog, 2017
“The Writing-From-Home Conundrum,” Brevity blog, 2017
“Organized Bedlam,” The Flexible Persona blog, 2017
“Why My Memoir Hit a Wall,” Brevity blog, 2017
“Filling in the Memoir Holes,” Brevity blog, 2016
“What Do I Tell My Teens About My Memoir?” Brevity blog, 2016

On yoga

“Is Practicing Yoga Selfish?” Kripalu blog on yoga, health, and wellness, 2014
“Why It Took Me 10 Years to Chant Om,” Kripalu blog on yoga, health, and wellness, 2014
“A Different Kind of Vision: Seeing the Practice from the Inside,” Kripalu blog on yoga, health, and wellness, 2014
“Skipping out on Savasana,” Kripalu blog on yoga, health, and wellness, 2014
“Yoga as a Language of Peace,” Kripalu blog on yoga, health, and wellness, 2014
“The Penultimate Yoga Pose,”, 2014
“Yoga Far From Home,” Kripalu blog on yoga, health, and wellness, 2013
Back Bend, Look Inside & Write,”, 2013
“Move Through Arthritis,” Natural Solutions, 2009
“donation nation,” Yoga Journal, 2009
“bed, breakfast & yoga,” Yoga Journal, 2008
“Sacred Sounds,” Fit Yoga, 2008
“Happy Feet,” Fit Yoga, 2008
“How Yogis Stay Fit,” Fit Yoga, 2008
“Restorative Yoga Offers Respite,” Natural Solutions, 2007
“Deep-down pain relief,” Natural Solutions, 2006
“Time Travels,” Kripalu Catalogue, 2005

On nutrition

“Not Your Ordinary Smoothies,” Natural Solutions, 2007
“Mind their Manners,” Safeway Select, 2003
“Nutritious Bits and Bites,” Scholastic Parent & Child, 2003
“Solving the Pickiness Puzzle,” Safeway Select, 2002
“A Nutritious Formula,” Safeway Select, 2002
“Clamoring for Candy,” Safeway Select, 2002

On health

“Desperately Seeking Shut-Eye,” Natural Solutions, 2008
“Put Your Best Foot Forward,” Natural Solutions, 2008
“Running on Empty,” American Baby, 2004
“PMS,” American Baby, 2002

On parenting/child development

“Helping lefties write,” Parenting, 2007
“How to connect kids and grandparents,” Woman’s Day, 2007
“Having a Second Baby: What to Expect,”, 2005
“Just the two of us,” American Baby, 2004
“What’s it’s really like…when Mommy is seriously ill,” Parents, 2003
“Becoming a two-kid family,” American Baby, 2003
“Little Chatterboxes Q&A,” Parenting, 2003
“Smart Moves for Part-Timers,” Parenting, 2003
“Hunters and Gatherers,” Parenting, 2003
“Pushing Buttons, Turning Knobs,” Parenting, 2002
“It’s 9 pm. Do you know where your life is?” Real Simple, 2002
“Carpooling 101,” Parenting, 2002
“Translation Please,” Parenting, 2002
“Away-From-Home Safety,” Parenting, 2002
“Speaking Softly,” Parenting, 2002
“Pre-K for All?” Scholastic Parent & Child, 2002
“No More Naps?” Parenting, 2002
“Not Until You’re Older,” Parenting, 2002
“Sit Up Straight!” Parenting, 2002
“Put a Lid on It!” Parenting, 2002
“Me, Myself, and Mommy Q&A,” Parenting, 2001
“Perilous Pulls,” Parenting, 2001
“Clean Freaks,” Parenting, 2001
“Toy obsessions Q&A,” Parenting, 2001
“Toe Curls,” Parenting, 2001

On pregnancy

“What happened? Here’s what to do when pregnancy makes its mark,” American Baby, 2005
“Centering Pregnancy,” BabyTalk, 2004
“Comfort is Key,” Every Baby, 2002
“Painless Parenting,” BabyTalk, 2001
“Jennifer’s Journal,” BabyCenter, 1999