YogaProse: movement & writing 

YogaProse: Using Your Practice to Write Your Story

Join writer and yoga instructor, Jennifer Lang, for an inspiring experience of play and work. The workshop will incorporate pranayama, asana, meditation, and writing exercises. During our time together, we’ll explore how using the body, focusing the breath, emptying the mind, and practicing physical poses can help us see clearer and enrich the writing. 

This program is for all levels of yoga practitioners and open to anyone who journals, yearns to write, or wrestles with writing, feels blocked or craves inspiration. It can be tailored to your needs: one hour, one day, a weekend. 


  • All classes have hybrid option
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  • Pre-registration required for all workshops
  • Group classes/workshops are non-refundable if you cancel within one week of the start date and your place cannot be filled
  • If you’re interested in a class that has already started or is full, please contact me


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Words of praise

I loved Jennifer’s Yoga-Writing workshop because I’d never done anything like it: meditate, breathe, practice, write. Her teaching style is supportive while gently nudging writers to sometimes try to see things from a different angle or to be more precise with language.

Rachel G.

I had the pleasure of attending Jennifer’s very inspiring YogaProse workshop! As a longtime yoga teacher and a very amateur writer, I found the combination of focused yoga practice and writing exercises insightful and interesting. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, the day flowed smoothly between the different sessions, and I left wanting more! Highly recommended.

Honi R.